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ngUpgrade without all the headaches

"Oh no. I have to upgrade from AngularJS to Angular!"

Confused on how to even begin your AngularJS upgrade?

Get free access to the workshop "Finding the Right Path from AngularJS to Angular" and an upgrade roadmap.

Help me figure out where to start!

It's happened. Your boss has finally come to you and let you know that your big AngularJS app needs to be migrated to Angular — and you're in charge.

Where do you even begin?

You start Googling for answers. Webpack? TypeScript? ngUpgrade? Angular 2/3/4/10? What are all of these things?

You pull up some official-looking documentation and all you can gather is basically this:

Step 1
Use TypeScript
Step 2
Use Webpack
Step 3
Step 4
Upgrade complete!

Huh? How do I set up TypeScript? What's Webpack?

Each part of the process seems more confusing than the last — and Webpack and TypeScript are just there to get the build set up! You still needed to figure out how to migrate all of your directives, services, components, and other AngularJS pieces over to Angular. "Ugh," you think. "How am I ever going to get this done?"

More importantly, how are you ever going to get this done while still doing feature development? It's not as if you can just drop everything for six months or a year to do this big upgrade!

How are you supposed to figure out the right way to do this? Scour the internet for Stack Overflow answers (good luck Googling "angular" anymore!)? Piece together YouTube tutorials? Attend workshops that go way too fast? With AngularJS long term support ending soon, that seems like it's going to take way too much time. If only someone could just sit you down and walk you through the Angular upgrade process step-by-step.

If you could just get through the upgrade and onto modern Angular, your life would get so much easier. You could just sit down at your desk in the morning and scaffold out a new feature with a single command to the Angular CLI. One line into the terminal and boom: a component, stylesheet, and test ready for you to edit.

Need to listen for events and react to them? No more $broadcast or $watch needed — that's what RxJS is for! Reactivity will be built right in to your Angular app.

Oh, and let's not forget about your drastically reduced need for unit tests thanks to the type safety and reliability of TypeScript.

Between modern tooling, built-in reactivity, and the power of TypeScript, Angular is a delightful development experience, even at scale. But how do you get there from here?

Introducing Upgrading AngularJS

The world's absolute best, carefully-guided, detail-oriented, "here for you every step of the way" Angular upgrade video tutorial.

Upgrading AngularJS gives you everything you need for a smooth migration from AngularJS to Angular (except maybe a few headache pills 💊). It features 3 high quality step-by-step video courses to walk you through the migration process. We start with an app that uses AngularJS 1.3 without a build process and end with an Angular app using the Angular CLI.

Course 1: Getting AngularJS to Best Practices

📹 41 video lessons

The first course is an AngularJS video tutorial all about getting your AngularJS app prepped for the migration. You'll learn how to:

  • ✅Align your app with the AngularJS style guide
  • ✅Manage dependencies with Node
  • ✅Update to the latest version of AngularJS
  • ✅Migrate to component architecture

Course 2 Modern Builds with Webpack and TypeScript

📹 64 video lessons

The second course will help you set up a modern build process for your AngularJS code so you'll be ready to drop in ngUpgrade. You'll learn how to:

  • ✅Create your first Webpack build
  • ✅Use ES2015 modules for easy importing
  • ✅Set up TypeScript
  • ✅Dynamically create production builds

Course 3 Upgrading from AngularJS to Angular

📹 131 video lessons

The final course is the big payoff: using ngUpgrade to update to Angular 2+. You'll learn how to:

  • ✅Set up a hybrid app that runs both AngularJS and Angular
  • ✅Migrate components and services using ngUpgrade
  • ✅Use ngUpgrade in production
  • ✅Convert your routing and say goodbye to AngularJS
  • ✅Move your app from Webpack to the powerful Angular CLI


  • 🤔 Quizzes and exercises to keep you engaged and help you remember what you’ve learned.
  • 💻 Tons of sample code: follow along step-by-step to convert an app from AngularJS 1.3 all the way to modern Angular.
  • 🎉Bonuses and goodies like a PDF Upgrade Roadmap checklist, workshops, and conference talks.
  • ✉️ Email support and a comments section on every video let you get the help you need.

Hi, I'm Sam Julien. 👋

I'm the creator of Upgrading AngularJS.

I went through a really painful AngularJS to Angular migration and decided to make the course I wish I had. I'm also a Google Developer Expert for Angular and Web Technologies and the co-organizer of Angular Portland.

Let's tackle this upgrade together.

Prep for Angular

  • ✔️Modernize your AngularJS app
  • ✔️First 2 courses
  • ✔️100+ videos
  • ✔️Sample code
  • ✔️Bonus PDF and videos
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Become an Upgrade Pro

  • ✔️Learn the full upgrade process
  • ✔️All 3 courses
  • ✔️230+ videos
  • ✔️Sample code
  • ✔️Bonus PDF and videos
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Just the Upgrade

  • ✔️Migrate Using ngUpgrade
  • ✔️Last course only
  • ✔️130+ videos
  • ✔️Sample code
  • ✖️No bonuses
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What People Are Saying about Upgrading AngularJS

"Your course has made this process feel less daunting and I'm excited to figure this step out and continue improving our application."

Julie Pranger, Frontend Dev, Upgrading AngularJS Student

"Still using AngularJS but want to start with the latest from Angular? Check out this course on upgrading."

Stephen Fluin, Developer Advocate, Google

"Thanks for putting this out! I'm carving out the roadmap for my team to migrate our web platform and had spent weeks feeling lost on where to start. This has raised my confidence that we can do this in a sensible manner and I'm looking forward to the day we can delete AngularJS."

Pamela Ocampo, Developer, Upgrading AngularJS Student

"[Upgrading AngularJS is] probably the best ngUpgrade content on this planet."

Pascal Precht, Consultant, Trainer, & GDE

"To all my Angular fam, here is THE most complete step-by-step guide to upgrading your AngularJS applications to Angular. I definitely recommend giving it a try. Nice job Sam 🙌"

Wassim Chegham, Google Developer Expert for Angular

"Upgrading from AngularJS to Angular can be tough to get going. Once it's setup, it's easier. But the initial setup can be tough. Check out this course. Hundreds of hours poured into it."

Aaron Frost, Founder of HeroDevs, Co-Founder of XLTS

"You should definitely check these step-by-step videos for upgrading an AngularJS application to Angular!"

Minko Gechev, Developer Advocate, Google

"I really love to see people putting the time to really teach from the fundamentals. This time, Sam Julien has spent a year building a 'upgrade your AngularJS' course, check it out."

Shai Reznik, Founder, HiRez.io

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Q. What if I don't like this?

A. If you're in need of doing an ngUpgrade, you're gonna love this. But if for whatever reason you it doesn't work for you, I've got a 30 day, 100% refund guarantee.

Q. Do I have to buy all three courses? Can I just buy one?

A. You can buy each course individually or the whole thing as a bundle that includes free bonus items. Head over to learn.samjulien.com to see all of your options.

Q. How long do I have access? What about updates?

A. You have access to this course for life, including all future updates.

Q. This seems expensive. Can I get a discount?

A. This is the best ngUpgrade course on the planet, so I don't discount other than parity pricing or bulk license purchases. I've poured hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into it. You're paying for my collective knowledge working for years on the migration problem.

Q. Can I just hire you to do this migration for me?

A. I don't do any Angular upgrade consulting anymore, but I partner with a highly skilled team of expert Angular consultants. Fill out the form here to start that conversation.;

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